Saturday, November 2, 2013

Peacock blue and rust

I'm finally back! I really wanted to share a look with vostras, but I anticipate that will be a year quite busy. Anyway, the good news is that ... I have back and the reflex! It has given me a joy this afternoon to see that they fixed it ... and now I will be able to make quality photos again. Well, without further ado, I leave you with this look inspired by the new fall / winter 2011 Gucci. Hope you like it.

Finally I'm back! I really wanted to share with you some looks but the truth is That This Year is going to be a busy one. Anyway, the good news are ... Already I have back my Nikon! It has been a great new Because I Believed That They Can not arranged it. So now I'll show you good photos again. Well, without no more waste of time, I show you this outfit inspired in the Gucci's autumn / winter collection 2011. Enjoy them!

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