Monday, November 4, 2013

Olsen twins style

Do you know Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen's little sister Elizabeth Olsen? I did not know her existence until I saw her in the cuorestilo magazine. After This, I got curious so, I started surfing on the internet to take a look her stylism. I think she has a very cool and casual style.

The look I bring today is inspired in style while Elizabeth Olsen attending an event Installation Luncheon Hollywood Foreign Press Association. In my case, I wear a pink skirt instead of an orange one and a blouse. She is waiting to be the new it girl Mentioned in every fashion magazine as a trendy girl.

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

looks the Olsen twins

Do you know the younger sister of the Olsen twins: Elizabeth Olsen? I did not know of its existence until I read in cuorestilo your name and I got curious, so I started surfing the Internet for browsing their outfits. I think it has a very cool and casual style.

The look that I bring you today is inspired lunch prompting the Foreign Press Association in Hollywood. In my case I lead a rather bright pink skirt and orange shirt is sleeve to the armhole. His name is ringing so much lately that even talk that it could be a new girl will appear in fashion magazines as a girl "trendy".

You like or you look more successful in terms of looks the Olsen twins?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Peacock blue and rust

I'm finally back! I really wanted to share a look with vostras, but I anticipate that will be a year quite busy. Anyway, the good news is that ... I have back and the reflex! It has given me a joy this afternoon to see that they fixed it ... and now I will be able to make quality photos again. Well, without further ado, I leave you with this look inspired by the new fall / winter 2011 Gucci. Hope you like it.

Finally I'm back! I really wanted to share with you some looks but the truth is That This Year is going to be a busy one. Anyway, the good news are ... Already I have back my Nikon! It has been a great new Because I Believed That They Can not arranged it. So now I'll show you good photos again. Well, without no more waste of time, I show you this outfit inspired in the Gucci's autumn / winter collection 2011. Enjoy them!

Leather and leopard

A fully autumnal look with warm colors as you can see in my fake leather pants (and wish they were leather). I think I'll give these pants a lot of use, not only for comfort but because I look lovely. I'm in love with my new jacket Sfera point. I bought two months will matter, so you may not find them, but premiered this day. And finally highlight my nude booties that have become, by far, my favorite shoes and white ring Yves Saint Laurent style.

By the way, I'm looking for leather pants or black leatherette than leggings. Any suggestions?

What most inspiring advertising spot on target! I'll take everything, especially wool caps, by the way, I bought one.